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Christian radio for Singapore

Our radio station, 107FM, began its journey on 20th January 1993 at 6.30 pm.

Back then, it was known as “Echo of Hope 105.5 FM”, and later “Hope 105.5 FM”. This English callsign was a translation of the station’s Bahasa Indonesian name: Gema Bentara. A later realignment of frequencies by the Indonesian Broadcast Authorities forced a change from “Hope 105.5 FM” to “Hope 107 FM”. The callsign made another transit from “Hope 107 FM” to “Be107FM”, owing to station ID technicalities. However, sharing messages of hope & healing is still an integral part of everything we do.




Thank you so much. The Daily CQ…it is like an old friend. I enjoy it so very much. I hope to meet all of the presenters in Heaven!
— Julie

I always listen to your program. morning and night and it changed my life. Thanks, And GOD BLESS you all.
— Jovy

Just wanted to let you know your radio programs are very important. I’ve downloaded and listen to all the podcasts.
— Brian Hendrickson

No amount of money I give can ever compensate for the tremendous blessing that your station has been to me and my wife and many other people that we introduced your station to. I remember, with tears streaming in my eyes, of the many times I fell on my knees, by the radio, in our modest kitchen, during some of the darkest days of our family’s history. The programs, sermons, songs and devotionals are a source of great comfort, strength and encouragement, to carry on our journey with the Lord our God. Whatever the Lord has raised me up to be today, your station was one of the motivating factors, therefore I shall never forget it.
— Yuri Raj

I find your programmes most helpful in the growing of Christian Life.
— Christine Chen

This is an excellent station to have on air. You never know who’s listening and when God will use it to encourage someone who’s hurting!
— June Poh

It is a tremendous avenue of ministry; to encourage fellow brothers and sisters, and to reach out to the lost. I really like the programs.
— Yong Bing

This station with its touching songs fills us with ‘Joy of the Lord’ that no one else can do. Truly it’s a station with a “Very Big Difference” and we as a family appreciate every word and song.
— Geraldine Rodrigues

You have been a blessing to thousand listeners and I’m one of those faithful listeners.
— Luzminda O. España

I’m truly blessed by all your programs on 107FM
— Fely Galendez

Your program is truly an inspiration for me and it caught my inner attention. Thanks to God there are such people like you who are willing and able to share an inspirational and guiding ones weary heart to come up with Jesus, walk and talk with Him daily.
— Luzviminda Mejia

I been following the radio station 105.5 since 1997… I enjoyed all of it and I pray that you continue to keep up the do good works.
— Davidson